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A.B.N. – 71 171 043 027

The Glen Innes Rescue Squad is a Public Benevolent Institution and a Deductible Gift Recipient.

The Glen Innes Rescue Squad is the Accredited Primary Response Rescue Unit for road rescue and industrial rescue in Glen Innes, NSW. Australia.

Its members are all unpaid volunteers who train in their own time and often at their own expense to maintain their level of skills and readiness for their role as rescue workers.  Each full active member of the squad is an accredited rescue operator under the NSW State Rescue Board.

The squad is an incorporated association, and as such owns its own equipment, and raises its own funds to maintain equipment, purchase new equipment and cover running costs.  Much of the squad’s income is in the form of donations from the public and from benevolent organisations.  (We are not Government Funded).

The squad is in an affiliate of the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association Inc. (VRA) which oversees the running of squads and training of members.

Squad members give many hours of their own time to the following activities:
bullet  Training ( at least one half day and one evening a month).
bullet  Meetings ( one evening a month).
bullet  Maintenance - all members are responsible for the maintenance of the squad's equipment and vehicles, which is done in the members own time (at least one hour a month).
bullet   Fund-raising activities ( time varies).
bullet   Public relations and assistance to the community   (eg. demonstrations, gatekeeping, traffic control, etc.).
bullet   Call-outs for Road Rescue, Inland water rescue, Vertical Rescue, Industrial Rescue and bush search and rescue.
bullet   On Call 24 hours a day.

Squad members come from all walks of life, and have varied ages and backgrounds.  Some members stay in the squad for many years while others leave after a shorter period.  What they all have in common is their humanity and a desire to make a useful and practical contribution to the welfare of their fellow man.  None of them is Superman.  They believe in what they are doing, and despite their many differences, they trust, care about and depend on one another.

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