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Governor General to present Bravery Award

This article courtesy of Glen Innes "Examiner" newspaper



    The squad's new Primary Rescue Vehicle which has been fitted out by squad members was officially commissioned  on Saturday 27th June 2009 at the squad's headquarters in Church Street (behind the Glen Innes Severn Council Offices) .


April 2009

Glen Innes VRA celebrates 40 years of rescue in NSW

This year the NSW Volunteer Rescue Association (VRA) celebrates its ruby
anniversary. Since 1969 more than 840,000 people across NSW have received
their assistance in the areas of road, land, vertical, aerial and marine rescue.

Glen Innes VRA representative Mike Brewer said the rescue team was proud to be
celebrating 40 years of service.

-Without the 4,500 volunteers that have donned the NSW VRA uniform we wouldn't
have been able to reach this milestone or more, provide such a valuable rescue
service local communities can count on - said Mr Brewer.
'Each and every NSW VRA squad member has helped us in this achievement,
through their dedication, hard work and bravery over the past four decades.'

The NSW VRA relies on volunteers and support from local communities, government
and organisations like NRMA to fulfil its role as regional NSW's primary response unit
in most areas.
'We are very grateful for the support that we receive from NRMA because their
funding ensures that our volunteers have the equipment needed to get the job done,'
said Mr Brewer.
'Without that we wouldn't be able to rescue as many people as we have - and you
simply can't put a figure on that.'

NRMA Office spokesperson Peter Cameron said the insurer has formally supported
the VRA since 2001.
'Since inception, the VRA has dedicated an amazing 11 million hours to assisting
NSW communities in extreme and stressful conditions,' said Mr Cameron.
'We are proud of our long-standing partnership with the VRA and the invaluable
service they provide to local communities across the state.'

The NSW VRA has over 70 squads and 3,500 volunteers. For more information on
the VRA, including information on how you can become a volunteer, visit

 For more information on NRMA Insurance community
sponsorships, visit www.nrma.com.au/community.

 For further information regarding
NRMA Motoring & Services community partnerships, please visit

Please contact Mike Brewer on 0428 488 591 for more details.