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The squad possesses and uses an impressive array of rescue equipment covering Road Crash Rescue, Vertical Rescue , general land rescue and inland waters rescue.

The majority of funding for the acquisition, maintenance and constant upgrading of this equipment comes from the local community.

Some of our equipment:

  Boat - Inflatable raft and trailer

 Rescue vehicles:      Isuzu 300  primary road rescue vehicle

                                  Holden  Colorado - personnel carrier and backup rescue

                                   Nissan 4WD  Vertical and off-road rescue vehicle


Enerpac hydraulic rescue tools - includes pumps, cutters, hydraulic rams, spreading tools, and jacks.

Hurst powered hydraulic rescue multi-tool .... can cut, squeeze and spread all with one operator.

Lukas mini powered Combi-tool - does the same job as the Hurst but is lighter and more portable.

Hurst Rescue Rams - a brilliant piece of equipment that has already proved its worth in  helping to release trapped accident victims.

Electric reciprocating saw - can cut through metals or fibreglass .

240v powered dual saw

Air compressor which provides air for-

                     Enerpac Air-over-hydraulic pumps

                      Air-ratchet wrench and sockets

                      Air chisel kit

                      Mini air cutting wheel (for cutting fibreglass vehicles)

                      Lifting air bags

Compressed air cylinders

Air powered rope launcher

Tirfor winches,  cables, shackles, pulleys and chains.

Petrol 240v generators and  floodlights.

Windscreen removal tools

Glass protection kit


Cut-Quik attachments for chainsaws

Acrow props

"Stab-Fast" style stabilising equipment (manufactured by squad members)

Cribbing kit (for stabilising )

Steering wheel Airbag restraining tool

Hand tools

Finger kit

Fire extinguishers

Stokes litter and Rescue board


Lifting air bags and compressed air bottle

 Vertical rescue equipment   includes:

    Lowering and hauling systems

    Crux rescue frame

    Climbing ropes

    Harnesses, helmets, carabiners, whaletails, ascenders, pulleys, tapes....

    Steel wire slings and synthetic slings


    Maps, compasses

    GPS units

the list keeps growing all the time...

Page updated 20/10/2017